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OlimCars Israel is committed to your privacy and being transparent about our services

Licensed Auto / Car Dealer   

We are an official an licensed car / auto dealer as per the requirements of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety. We will never deny a request from our customers to provide official documentation and licenses. You can find us on the official database of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety website by following this link. (Hebrew)

Registered Business   

We are a registered business with the Israel Tax Authority, providing receipts for every service our customers purchase. 



Your personal information is safe with us, we will never share your personal documents and information with any third parties to make profit from it. 

New Car / Used Car Warranties

  • New Car Warranties are provided by the car manufacturer, it is the total responsibility of the customer to get his car serviced at an official dealership for the warranty to be honored. Not serving the car on time or at non-official dealership might void warranty on the car.

  • Used Car Warranties are provided by Licensed Garage Services depending on the condition of the car and mileage. OlimCars Israel only recommends cars for purchase after pertinent tests from the widely distributed License Garage Services around the country.


*We are aware that some problems can happen with second hand cars and we will do our best to help you sort these problems. OlimCars Israel will not be liable for any damages that might occur after the purchase of a second hand car, such as accidents, faulty parts, bad engine, transmission, car batteries, or any other issues. 

Helping Olim 

Our goal and passion is to help Olim, we have no interests in selling new or used cars in high volume. We are here to guide our customers to the best financial choice as per their budget and needs.  

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