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Our Partners

OlimCars Israel prides itself to work and partner with Olim made companies. By partnering together we help our community grow and we strengthen our motto "By Olim For Olim".

Multicon Israel

Multicon, an Israeli-Oleh based car washing company started off cleaning cars for Autotel and Car2Go, which are car rental companies in Israel. These cars were cleaned using these specialized waterless car washing materials manufactured by Aero Cosmetics.

Multicon is the approved and sole distributor for Aero Cosmetic products in Israel.


Now Multicon has transitioned into the private car washing market with the objective of offering private car owners a new option for having their cars washed, without having to go out and drive to an old-world car wash.

Multicon is offering car owners a “hassle free” way to have cars washed that is convenient and time saving.

For more information please visit


ENBEN Auto is the leading car export company in North America, with hundreds of units per month being shipped across the globe.

ENBEN Auto has experience dealing with customers from all corners of the world and strives to offer the best service in the industry. Our well-known reputation is based on our unprecedented commitment and dedication to clients worldwide. 

With such a dynamic global market, there are always opportunities that we continue to identify and develop. We are now able to offer tailored armored services on any of our vehicles. We offer a variety of methods of sourcing and purchasing the cars that are desirable for import into any market. Some of the brands we currently ship are Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jeep, Ford, Toyota, Honda and various Hybrids.

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