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About Us

 OlimCars Israel  


My name is David. I made Aliyah from Honduras when I was 17 years old. I completed my army service and studied political sciences in the IDC Herzliya. My studies helped me realized that Olim are an important part of Israeli society. Because of this, I decided to found my own business with the ideology of "By Olim For Olim", where my services and skills are aimed at making things easier for new immigrants when making Aliyah to Israel. Language barriers, adapting and challenges are something I'm very familiar with and I'm here to help people overcome the same challenges I did. 

OlimCar specializes in helping customers buy a new or used car. While working in the car industry business I felt that many new immigrant customers were not understood or listened to clearly by our Israeli counterparts. We provide assistance in going to meetings at dealerships, find a good used car, loss adjustment in case there is an accident and work with car repair dealerships with the highest standards. What sets OlimCars apart from the local competition is that we are experts about the car industry. Before OlimCars was established I personally managed a Auto Body Repair & Paint Shop, this opportunity gave me real hand experience with what I! Additionally, we employ Olim only, people who understand the difficulties of acclimating into a new country and society. 


At OlimCars we’re passionate about cars and helping fellow Olim. This allows us to pursue our goal to create a more immigrant-oriented business and it’s all thanks to the support from those same Olim!

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