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Please find below information of our paid services

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Image by Rodan Can
 Buying a New Car  
Want to use your Oleh Benefits? No problem! We help you from start to finish until you get the keys to your new car. From meetings at the dealership to consultation and explanation, we take care of everything, making this a stress free process for you. 
Image by Shai Pal
Buying a Used Car

We use these 3 main criteria  when looking for a second-hand car for you "GOL": 

1- Good Condition

2- One Owner

3- Low Mileage

We find the perfect car for you, no matter what you're looking for!

Paint and Dent Repair
Car Repair & PDR

We work with some of the leading paint shops in the central district which only utilize industry leading technologies for car repair including PPG paint and paintless dent removal (PDR), which repairs the car without the need for paint work. We guarantee the results will be to your satisfaction
Fixing the Car
Car Maintenance 
Time for the usual annual checkup and you  don't have time to deal with it or to go to the dealership? We'll take the car in for service and bring it back to your home.
Man Polishing Car
 Car Wash & Polishing 
Too busy to clean your car? We've got you covered! We have partnered with Multicon Israel, which cleans your car without leaving the comfort of you house. If you want to maintain the finish of your car paint, we work with the best polishing and detailing shops available. 
Driving Lesson
Driving License Conversion
Need to convert your foreign driver’s license to an Israeli one? We can help! We walk you through the process step by step from filling out the necessary forms to finding a reputable driving school.
Image by Scott Graham
Car Analysis Report
Based on your needs and budget requests, we prepare a detailed tailor-suited Car Analysis Report (CAR), so you can familiarize yourself with the current Israeli car market and local prices. With us, you have a great opportunity to prepare in advance before making Aliyah or plan accordingly while residing in Israel. 
auto parts
OEM Auto Parts 
We believe everyone deserves easy and affordable access to quality auto parts, straight from the vehicle manufacturer. We work with a wide network of OEM Auto Parts suppliers from all Japanese, American and European car manufacturers, while providing competitive and affordable prices for our customers.
Image by Zayda
Performance & Metrics 

Want to make sure that the car engine is in good condition? We suggest checking the output of your engine. We work with the best Dyno Performance garages to provide health-check of the Horse Power (HP) and engine metrics. We also have specialized performance equipment to check the acceleration, breaking distance of any vehicle. 
Hotline Consultant
Want to know what car to buy? How much you'll need to spend?  These are important details that  customers want to know, we provide One-on-one car service consulting to help us give you the best advice for your future purchase. Click here to book now! 
Passport To Passport 
Olim who wish to sell their car within four years of the date of purchase and not incur a penalty may do so by selling their car to another Oleh who still has rights to purchase a car with reduced taxes, in a process called passport to passport.
Through our Oleh network is easier to find a potential buyer making this a fast process. 
Vip Ride
VIP Buying Concierge Service 
 Oleh and non-Oleh customers are  able to buy a new car from Israel while still enjoying their benefits. Our service walks you through the whole process from guiding you on the right car, to getting you the best deal and providing financial aid.

*Service availability depending on location

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