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We specialize in helping Olim purchase new cars from abroad and get big savings. We are partnered with EMBEN Auto, the leading car export company in North America, with hundreds of units per month being shipped across the globe. Affordable prices, full transparency and excellent customer service is what sets us apart from the local competition.

With us you can buy a new car in from local Israel dealerships or buy a brand new car from abroad, with full warranty and fast delivery service. We take care of all the bureaucratic paperwork and with full transparency you know exactly what you are paying for.



-What is the advantage of buying through you than with an official Israel car dealership?

With us you will have full transparency on every aspect of the price. We will make sure you get the lowest price and help you save money. We also have a VIP program.

-Can I use my Oleh benefits if I buy a new car from abroad?

Yes, you can use buy a car from abroad and use your Oleh benefits.

-Can I buy my car through you and use my Oleh benefits before making Aliyah?

No, you must make Aliyah and have a "Teuda Zehut" and "Teuda Oleh". Of course you can buy a car through us once you have all the proper paperwork.

-Will my car warranty be respected in Israel?

All car warranties are covered by the manufacturer, and local dealerships are obliged to honor it.

-What is personal import (Yebu Ishi)?

"Yebu Ishi" is a license issued by the government to allow for an important of a car.

-How much does it cost to buy a car through you?

The cost depends on the car. 

-How much can I save?

Savings can be as high as 10%.

-How long does it take to receive my car since I wired the payment? 

Once money is received by the dealer it takes 20-35 days to receive the car.

-What is the difference between you and local importers?

We specialize in working with Olim and walk you through the whole process.

-Can I cancel my order once I sent through the payment?

No, once the car is purchased it is shipped and yours to own and enjoy.

-Do you offer financing?

Yes, we can help with financing depending on the bank and lender requirements.

Image by Sanmeet Chahil


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